Felecia Searvance. Felecia


On Win’s Women of Wisdom today, Best-Selling Author, Win Kelly Charles welcomes Felecia Searvance. Felecia is an experienced writer and editor with more than ten years of combined experience in writing and editing content for private clients, educational institutions, and business organizations. She is passionate about learning, and deeply interested in growing as a professional writer and editor. Felecia is always looking for opportunities to increase her knowledge concerning various writing and editing opportunities, and she continuously engages in learning opportunities that increase the business’s potential. Her writing and editing accomplishments include, but are not limited to: a Master’s of Arts dissertation, editing of published works from new and best-selling authors, contract offers from freelance writing platforms (Uvocorp, Upwork, etc.), business blog, guest blogs, curriculum units for education company, published book, and much more. To lean more about Felecia visit http://www.liyahamorepublishing.com/. To learn more about your host visit https://wincharles.wix.com/win-charles. To learn more about the show visit http://winswomenofwisdom.weebly.com. To be on the show please fill out the intake at http://bit.ly/1MLJSLG. Be sure to FOLLOW this program https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/wins-women-of-wisdom/id1060801905


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